Addictions Recovery Counseling

Mike offers the insight, support and success from his own recovery to his clients. He seeks to offer a judgment free zone which frees us from fear, resentment and judgment. His approach integrates Compassionate Communication and Acceptance and Commitment Training into a model that supports present moment focus with compassionate self care and unhooking from mental/emotional stuckness. Values clarification, strengths acknowledgement, encouragement and deep listening support the client in moving forward one day at a time with enhanced serenity, less craving in a direction that is toward valued clean and sober living.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching begins with noticing our relationship with ourselves and how that effects our other relationships. Mike has found that most of us have learned communication styles that do not support mutual respect, empathic understanding, acceptance with non-judgment and equality. Those are the qualities that build trust, loving kindness, joyful living and appreciation. With learning the practice of Compassionate Communication and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), we can develop our emotional intelligence and awareness of our needs and values. We can learn to support ourselves and each other with mutual empowerment and “power with” each other rather than “power over” the other. We can then translate awareness and knowledge into mutually satisfying relationships.

Mindfulness Counseling

Most of our struggles are with not wanting to be present and accepting of our here and now experience. Compassionate Communication and Acceptance and Commitment Training are mindfulness based approaches to relieve human suffering through freeing ourselves with awareness, acceptance, appreciation and affection. Radical responsibility and radical acceptance can free us and empower us to move forward in our most valued direction with meaning, joy and balance.

  • Compassionate Communication Circle

    The Compassionate Communication Circle is an ongoing group focused on developing a practice of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC is a method that uses mindfulness and authentic language to strengthen our connection with ourselves and with others. As a group, we will develop fluency in empathy, awareness of feelings and needs, and mutual respect. Growth will be supported in a safe and accepting space that is challenging, playful, and transformative. Call or email us for more information.

    Sports Massage with Thai Bodywork

    This therapeutic treatment is individually customized to athletes at every level of physical activity. There will be an overall body focus with special focus on the areas of greatest need or tension.

  • Serene Mindbody Transformational Bodywork

    This experience integrates gentle, body awareness based healing touch with guided mindfulness breaths to nurture a deep sense of inner safety, peace and equanimity.30mins of Transformational Life Coaching and needs assessment are combined with 60mins of healing massage.

    Deep Tissue Bodywork

    The Serene Mindbody Therapist focuses on the deeper layers of muscle, connective tissue and tendons to release knots and relieve deep muscle tension.

  • Couples Massage

    Couples Massage offers the massage of two different people in the same room, at the same time. Each person is able to request the massage therapy of their choice. A wonderful shared experience for a special event, or better yet, just because you enjoy participating in life together. Suitable for couples, best friends or mother-daughter, you can both relax, de-stress and enjoy this special time together.

    Swedish/Esalen Massage

    Swedish Massage is applied to the whole body to release and melt away mind body stress. The guest enjoys enhanced overall wellbeing through being deeply relaxed, restored and regenerated.